About us

The specialty and uniqueness of 4D Feniks VIZIA do not lie in the wide offer or the possibility of a wide range of products and offers (which in fact do not really have a mutual relation), but in the fact that we offer an opportunity to combine and harmonize our customers’ needs.

We recognized the need of TIME and the possibility of reducing the waste of it in the working process and we adapted our existence to the current market conditions and needs. Besides offering our classical range of products and already existing solutions, we also provide consultative and technical assistance to meet our customers’ goals and needs.


          4D Feniks VIZIA was formed in the begging of 2012 as the first advertising agency in the field of tourism. Previously it was a part of , and now 4D Feniks VIZIA took over some of Virgo Company’s activities in tourism marketing, promotion and production in particular. Our initial goal was providing professional and technical support to all of the companies engaged in tourism or other related sectors, using the latest technical possibilities and achievements to help them promote and present their products and services to their customers.

As a member of ECTM (Chamber of Tourism of Macedonia) and in association with APSTM (Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism of Macedonia), HOTAM (The Association of Hotels in Macedonia) and with FTBL (Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics) at the UGD (Goce Delcev University - Shtip, Macedonia), in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, it is actively involved in many projects on the tourism promotion and presentation of Macedonia. 4D Feniks VIZIA itself has launched two independent projects in order to promote Skopje and Macedonia.

We rely on the vision that work can always be done better, faster and easier.

This motto generated and supported the following projects:

          Over the years 4D Feniks VIZIA grew into an independent company with its own vision and mission. Besides tourism marketing, promotion, presentation and production, 4D Feniks VIZIA, upon its customers’ demands and needs, took over some of the founder’s business activities strengthening the overall marketing and logistic services as well as the systems and system solutions. Our main task is to support our „partners” (clients) and help them work more efficiently, develop, and succeed in their daily activities.


          4D Feniks VIZIA is a company driven by the motto: “There is not a single problem without an appropriate solution!” We, the TEAM of 4D, offer our customers solutions to their problems. Our idea is to offer much more than the other firms on the market do. We are among the first who began providing complete virtual and logistic services to our customers on the market regarding technical sense, project performance of the working systems, as well as regarding everyday needs such as providing services and support to companies in terms of their existence and working in the field of IT and communication technologies, and in all other associated fields.

As a company we have succeeded in merging several services and offers in one place regarding one goal only, more satisfied customers with the service provided in just one call, from one place, within a short period of time. Besides the offered programs and services, we are at our customers’ disposal when it comes to any other issue upon their request and of mutual interest. .

4D Feniks VIZIA works in the field of SERVICES and provides services to those in need of them. We are confident to say that we have a MEDICAL APPROACH when it comes to our manner of working:

Anamnesis (we define our partners’ and customers’ problems)

Diagnosis (we search for the solution to their problems in the most effective way)

Therapy (we try to make your problem disappear).

Our work covers the areas of:






Briefly said, we include or try to capture the essence of all working and support segments in our clients’ business activities.

We will always find a solution to you problems!

Perhaps we do not know how to solve everything, but we know people who do!

Besides the ongoing projects and current clients, 4D Feniks VIZIA has developed projects for its own working: