Surveying and examining opinions

Surveying is a particular method of data collection that helps getting information about the views and opinions of the interviewees. The significance of the survey is not in asking questions and seeking answers to them, but the point is to ask precise questions to the precise number of groups and people in a certain way. The survey however, is only one stage in the research process, because the questionnaire process can be established only after a defined research prob......Read more

Market positioning

Market positioning is a marketing strategy that aims at a brand to occupy a visible position, corresponding to compete with other brands in the awareness of the user. Companies using are this strategy for emphasizing the characteristic features of their brand (who are they, what and how they do, etc), or creating an appropriate image (cheap or premium , luxury or utilitarian etc ), through advertising. Once the brand is positioned , it is difficult to reposition without destroying his cred......Read more

Strategic position analysis

Strategic positioning is the positioning of an organization in the future, taking into account changing environments, and the systematic realization of that positioning. The strategic positioning of an organization includes consideration of the desired future position of the organization based on the present and foreseeable developments, and making a plan for the realization of that positioning.                   Strategic position analysis is d......Read more

Competition advantages analysis

Competition advantages analysis is part of the business strategy and determines the relation of the particular business with the competition. The analysis of the competition is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the market, to create strategies that will enable the same business a significant advantage, to recognize barriers that can be created to prevent competition to appear on the market and any other weakness that can be used in the development cycle of the prod......Read more